Childern's Play!

Children's play?

Play is very Important In the development of the whole child. The process of engaging with children from infant to beyond is priceless. Play is much more than child like activity, children learn through play. They learn how to function in the world through interaction with each other as well as adults. Play is how children learn how to problem solve, express themselves, role play and much more. Play helps others develop a healthy self esteem. When an adult plays with children a bond is created and children feel valued. Playing develops physical, emotional, cognitive, and find motor skills. Play is essential for healthy development of a child.

There are different types of play, here are some examples.

unoccupied play

Unoccupied play usually begins infancy. Children make spontaneous movements with out an apparent reason, this is the beginning of play.

Solitary Play

Solitary play is when children deeply engage in an actives that they may seem be unaware of others around them.

On Looker Play

This child may ask questions instead instead of engaging in activities.

Parallel Play

Parallel play helps children develop a sense of fellowship children play alongside each other without directly engaging with each other. They may role play and pretend.

Social Play

Children learn about each other through socializing. Children learn to interact and may act out of experiences from their own life. They begin to learn rules and cooperating, sharing and reasoning skills are being to develop

Associative Play

children jump and play games and develop strength and muscles

Expressive Play

Help's children learn how to express their feelings.

Constructive Play

Children gain pride when accomplishing a task during constructive play


Children try new role situation.

Cooperative Play

Children move from a self centered egoistic stand point to a understanding of social contracts and rules. There are also various developmental stages of play.

Ages and Stages

From Birth to 18 moths the brain is constantly developing and tracking in new information. Babies through there five sense.

18 months 3 years the toddlers brain is more active and the structure of verbal skills. Social skills are developing rapidly

3-6 The social skills and language increases during this stage. Creatively flourishes during this stage.The concepts of rules increase. They play more constrictive play like board games.

6-9 The elementary grades children have shows they have master many skills and want to put them into effect .

9-14 The frontal lobe is still being developed cognitive skills increase reasoning.

Play is beneficial to all.

Play is beneficial to all children. No one is left out. Children with disabilities can play also. We can create play for everyone. I urge you to play with your children. The benefits are great!

By Princess Brown.