Mrs. Hopgood's 4th Grade Class

Week #9 Week of October 17, 2016


Tuesday Oct. 18 Cookie Dough Delivery

Thursday, Oct. 20th Cash Dr Fundraiser

Friday, Oct. 21st Cash Dr Fundraiser

Oct. 24th-28th Red Ribbon Week/Bookfair

Tuesday, Oct.25th Donuts for Dad (During Book Fair Week)

Tuesday, Oct. 25th First Grade music performance

Tuesday, Oct. 25th PTA General Meeting

Thursay, Oct. 27th Mad Scientist

Friday, Oct. 28th Fish Fry and Carnival (PTA)

Friday, Oct. 28th Kinder Fairy Tale Parade

Monday, Oct. 31st Deadline Reflections

Be sure to look at all the after school clubs offered by Mr. Duc



What We Are Learning This Week in Mrs. Hopgood's Class!!

Math: Multiplication Strategies/Strip Diagrams

Science: Forms of Energy

Social Studies: European Explorers

Writing: Personal Narratives

Reading: Text Features and Text Structures

Language: Irregular Verbs, Adverbs, and Prepositional Phrases.

Library is every Wednesday. Don't forget your books!

Vocabulary Words for the Week.

Each child will be tested on Friday. Students are expected to be able to use these words in sentences. These are words we use day-to-day, so a functional use is critical to learning and understanding.

  1. conclude - to arrive at a judgment by reasoning
  2. justify - to provide evidence or reasons for
  3. inactive - not doing anything
  4. simile - a comparison statement that uses "like" or "as"
  5. persuade - convince, or influence
  6. absorb - to soak up
  7. diagram - drawing or sketch that makes something clear
  8. evaporation - process of becoming vapor
  9. sphere - a round, three-dimensional figure
  10. sentence fragment - an incomplete phrase without a subject and verb
  11. commutative property - ability to reorder numbers in a sum or product
  12. distributive property - a process in math that allows you to break factors into their parts, multiply, and then re-add
  13. adobe - brick made of earth and straw
  14. recreation - any form of play or relaxation
  15. service - work done for others
  16. inspiring - relates to that which is motivating
  17. approximately - close to, around
  18. graduated cylinder - container with marks for measuring volume
  19. investigation - process of searching for information
  20. release - to set free from confinement or restraint

Chromebook Deployment

Fourth graders will be issued Chromebooks in the near future. In order for your student to get one, please complete the two blue links on the Digital Device Deployment page. The first link will direct you to to pay the $45 fee.

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Your child will get an opportunity to eat snack between 9:00 - 9:20 AM. When students have good nutrition, they are able to focus and work harder in class.

We like snacks, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to bring a snack to eat. IF you are able, please send goldfish or Chex Mix in a bulk size for those students that are not able to do so. I will distribute the extra snacks to those who need it.

Parent Homework

Please do the following with your child:

  1. Check and sign reading log nightly.

  2. Check that math homework is completed nightly.

  3. Check that vocabulary homework is completed nightly.

  4. Look through Tuesday's mail (keep the work). This is how I will send home graded and ungraded classroom work.