April 15th, 2021

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  • Principal's Message
  • New Bell Schedule
  • Arrival and Dismissal
  • Attendance
  • Safety Measures
  • CDL Options
  • Office Hours and Applied Learning Time
  • School Calendar Change

Principal's Message

In this special newsletter you will find lots of helpful information regarding our plans to open for full in-person instruction 4 days per week starting April 26th. We are excited to offer a much more robust and engaging in-person schedule! It is important to understand that our opening is still contingent upon county positivity rates, which we will continue to monitor. In the event that county levels rise dramatically, we could push back our start date.

We look forward to opening our doors more fully to students and hope that as many students as possible take advantage of a return to in-person instruction. We will continue to follow all safety guidelines to create the safest learning environment possible. We will also continue to provide a CDL option for families and students that choose to continue to learn remotely. You will find a detailed discussion of our CDL plans below.

Importantly, later today you will receive a commitment survey asking you to share with us which model your student will participate in for the rest of this year: In-person or CDL. Please complete the survey by Monday April 19 so that we can review the results next week. Whichever option you and your student pick, please understand that they will attend all of their classes in that format. Taking some classes in-person and some in CDL will not be an option. Please see the section on attendance below for more information.

We are hopeful that a greater return to in-person learning will be a positive way to close out our school year and we appreciate everyone's patience as we communicate this next big change and navigate it with you.


Benjamin Bell

New Bell Schedule

Starting April 26th we will have a new bell schedule. It is very similar to the bell schedule that we had before we implemented our current hybrid schedule. You will see that all classes will once again be equal in time.

Office Hours has been replaced in the schedule with "CDL Check In Time." This time is reserved specifically for CDL students to check in with teachers to get help and support. Also note that on Wednesdays we have amended Applied Learning time to be "CDL Applied Learning." Again, this is a time for CDL students to work on assignments with available help and support from their teachers.

Please note, Wednesday's schedule will continue to be entirely virtual, except for LIPI students that are scheduled to come to campus for support.

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Arrival and Dismissal


  • Students can arrive on campus no earlier than 9:15.


  • We will continue with a staggered dismissal procedure at the end of the day to give students an opportunity to file out of campus without huge crowds. Dismissals will be according to the building on campus and will be at 2:50, 2:53 and 2:56.
  • Students will need to leave campus immediately upon dismissal unless they are staying for a specific after school extra curricular activity.


Beginning on April 26th, a student's attendance will be taken in accordance with the program (in-person or CDL) that they have chosen. Here is what that means for each option.

  • In - Person students - On the survey if students elect to be in-person, it means they will be in-person for each of their classes. Their attendance on M,T,Th,F will be based on whether they are physically present for the class (just like attendance was taken before COVID). Asynchronous attendance will no longer be an option for in-person students.
  • CDL Students - Attendance will continue for these students as it has all year. Students are encouraged to attend any and all synchronous Zoom learning opportunities for Synchronous attendance. In the absence of that, students need to communicate with their teachers, turn in assignments and participate in any required asynchronous assignments to get Asynchronous attendance.

Safety Measures

  • Masks will be warn by all students and staff at all times on campus, including when outside.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will continue to be located around campus as well as in every classroom.
  • 3 feet social distancing (new guidance from ODE and CDC) will be strictly enforced throughout campus.
  • Parents and students are encouraged to continue to self-screen at home (DO NOT SEND SYMPTOMATIC STUDENTS TO SCHOOL). Staff will also continue to visually screen students upon arrival.
  • Students that present symptoms while on campus will be sent to an isolation area on campus to await parent pick up.
  • Student desks and common touch points will be cleaned in each classroom after a class leaves and before the next class arrives.
  • All classrooms currently have medical grade MERV 13 air filters. Our gym is due to receive MERV 13 filter upgrades in the next few weeks (MERV 13 filtration is not a requirement, it is an extra level of protection our district has opted to provide).
  • Digital contact tracing will continue for both staff and students on campus.
  • AHS will follow all other mandatory safety guidelines from the ODE.


  • We will remain an open campus during lunch.
  • Social Distancing while eating (masks off) is a minimum of 6 feet.
  • When students are done eating, they need to put masks back on.
  • All students have the option to remain on campus and eat. There will be indoor seating provided in the Commons in addition to outside seating.
  • If students leave campus for lunch they are asked to remain masked, except when eating, to remain socially distanced and to be mindful of and respectful of their own safety and the safety of the community in general.

CDL Options

Because of the sheer variety of courses we offer at AHS, there is not a single method of Comprehensive Distance Learning that will work for all classes and teachers. Based on their content area and teaching style, teachers will be utilizing one of the three options listed below to serve students that opt to remain in CDL.

It is important to note that CDL, even a well-designed and executed CDL program, cannot replicate the richness, quality and variety of educational experiences that in-person learning can offer. This is why we are making the effort, now that we have the ability to do so, to bring as many students back on campus for in person instruction as possible.

However, there are many valid reasons why families and students might decide that CDL is the best option for them for the remainder of the school year. Our teachers and staff will do their very best to engage, educate and support our CDL students for this last quarter.

The 3 CDL instructional models that our teachers will be using are as follows:

  • Concurrent Teaching: Synchronous teaching for students at home via Zoom while live instruction is happening for in-person students; essentially the teacher live-streams their live in-person lesson.
  • Edgenuity (Online Curriculum) – Teachers may decide to use digital curriculum from an equivalent Edgenuity course to assign to CDL students. AHS teachers would regularly check in with CDL students, monitoring progress, answering questions and issuing a grade in the course. This option will not work with all AHS classes, however. AHS offers some courses that simply do not have an equivalent offering within Edgenuity.
        • More information will be coming shortly about which courses may be offered in this format and how students will log in.
    • Asynchronous Lessons: The teacher will post a lesson to Canvas for CDL students to do independently (asynchronously, not in-time with in-person students). Starting 4/26 the following components will be incorporated for all asynchronous lessons:
          • Beginning the class session synchronously, students at home begin class live via Zoom, the same as in-person students.
          • Whenever possible, the teacher will record their lesson/lecture or model the activity via video for the benefit of at-home CDL learners.
          • Teachers will regularly check in with CDL students. Office Hours and Applied Learning time will be used primarily to serve at-home learners.

    Teachers will decide which CDL model is best for their particular class. Students will need to pay attention to directions from their teacher about which CDL model they will be using. We all care about our CDL students and teachers will do their best to serve their educational needs. CDL students in particular are encouraged to be proactive in their communication with teachers and to take full advantage of scheduled CDL Check In Time and CDL Applied Learning time in addition to attending any and all available synchronous learning opportunities that will happen in their classes.

    School Calendar Change

    On Monday April 12, the School Board took action to declare that half of 4/21 and all day 4/22 and 4/23 would be considered non-student and non-instructional days. Teachers will be using this time to prepare the physical arrangement of their room, to plan lessons, receive professional development related to reopening in addition to other tasks related to reopening for in-person instruction.

    On Wednesday 4/21 we will still have our virtual Advisory lessons and Office Hours. Teachers will not be available to students in the afternoon for Applied Learning time in accordance with the Board action.

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