American Greek and Roman Costumes

By Makenzie Moore

Roman Women Hairstyle.

Roman lady's would wear their hair dressed in plaited braids and would wear them at the back of their head. They would also wear headresses, especially if they had an important role in society.
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Greek Battle Dress.

Warriors wore tunics of leather with metal plaques for reinforcement during battle. Helmets and leg protection were called "greaves". Greaves added more skin protection and coverage. The Greek battle dresses and Roman battle dresses are very similar.
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The Use of Bone Needle.

Men and Women used to make clothes with a needle made out of bone. They would use flint knifes to cut away the splinters from the bone, and when it was rubbed smooth a hole was put at the thicker end and would sharpen the point. They would also use bones to make decorative necklaces.
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Ancient Greek vs Today.

Ancient Greek clothing was loose and long and didn't show much skin. Women did not wear footwear, and mostly always had their hair back. Now a days women wear heels, boots, and etc. Women clothing today is tight and they show skin. One of the things we still have in common today is the hair. Girls use extensions, hair accessions, and braids just like back then.