Oklahoma in the 1960's

By Hailey and Makayla

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The Sooners won the Orange Bowl in 1968. They produced championships in many other sports as well. The Oklahoma Sooners' coach in the 1960's was Bud Wilkinson, their home stadium was Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. That decade was not memorable and hard to talk about. The Sooners head coach wanted to be a senator, but lost the election. Steve Owens was the running back, Granville Liggins was the nose guard, and JIm Grisham was the fullback.
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Oklahoma Weather

There was a total of ninety-eight tornadoes in just the year of 1960, a total of thirty-one were killed, and two hundred ninety-nine injured, this was a dreadful year for Oklahoma. The clearest month in Oklahoma in the 1960 was in September, with sixty-seven percent of more clear days than cloudy. In the 1960's there was not a lot of snow. There was small amounts of snow, but it mainly rained and froze over.
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More about Oklahoma

The capital is Oklahoma City, the state tree is the Redbud, bird is Scissor-tailed flycatcher, fish is White bass and the flower is the Mistletoe. The state origin is derived from the Choctaw Indian words okla humma, meaning the "land of the red people. Oklahoma entered the union on November 16, 1907 and was the forty-sixth to enter the United States Of America
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In the sixties rock music was a big hit. The song above is by Elvis Presley and it came out in the year 1960. Elvis was a huge deal in the sixties. Did you know elvis had a twin, but unfortunately died at one day old? After elvis was famous he served in the army for his country.
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Fun facts

Oklahoma has many tornadoes. The white tailed deer is rare to find in oklahoma because people are hunting them illegally. Oklahoma has many lakes that contain a fish called Alligator Gar they are highly dangerous and most people try to avoid swimming because this specific reason. They also have water moccesin. the alligator gar have the head of an alligator but the body of a catfish. Oklahoma has many different races, the majority is hispanic.