A Study In Scarlet

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Summary

A Study In Scarlet is told by a character John Watson, a former doctor and soldier, who becomes flatmates with one Sherlock Holmes after being sent back to London after a leg injury. The book, and series, describes the life of Sherlock, through Johns journal, as he solves crimes all over London for DI Lestrade and Gregson, known throughout London for Sherlocks achievements as a Consulting Detective, the only one in the world.

Favorite Passage

"We have his cab," said Sherlock Holmes. "It will serve to take him to Scotland Yard. And now, gentlemen," he continued, with a pleasant smile, "we have reached the end of our little mystery. You are very welcome to put any questions that you like to me now, and there is no danger that I will refuse to answer them."

Review of Book

This book, a mystery novel, does a very good job of keeping the details in there, but not revealing the truth until the end via the antagonist or Sherlock himself. All the facts come together, however you could figure it out on your own...if you're Sherlock Holmes, that is.

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