Reading Protocol

1. Three Levels of Text


To deepen understanding of a text.


Stick to the time limits. Each round takes up to 5 minutes per person in a group. Emphasize the need to watch air time during the brief "group response". Do 1-3 rounds. Can be used as a prelude to a text-based discussion or by itself.


*Have students read a passage and identify passages (and a couple of back-ups) that they feel may have important implications for their work.

* Sit in a circle and determine who will share first.

*A round consists of:

-1 person using up to 3 minutes to

-LEVEL 1 Read aloud the passage she/he has selected.

-LEVEL 2 Say what she/he thinks about the passage (interpretation, connection to past

experiences, etc.).

-LEVEL 3 Say what she/he sees as the implications for his/her work.

*The group responding (for a TOTAL of up to 2 minutes) to what has been said (affirm, agree, disagree, ask for clarification).