beauty tips!!! :)

by:Brianna Sanchez


Have you ever woke up one morning and asked yourself "what am i going to wear?"

Well if you have now you know what to wear now you can go to my blog to get beauty tips.


So are you having style problems? If so then you can go on my blog to learn all about style.For example stripes & plaid don't go together at ALL!!!


But what i do recommend is skinny jeans with a cute hoodie. And also tights with a cute sweatshirt. also shoes to wear are sperry , Vans , Jordans , Converse and bobs.


ok so this is not recommend for everyone but how i like to do my hair is make sure to wake up early so you can get a head start. Divide your hair from bottom to top how you know its the underneath/bottom of your hair is the bottom of your ear lobe divide it from the rest of your hair up.then straighten your hair then curl your bangs then add a little hair spray and brush though it and thats how i do my hair