Katie Williamson

Ceramics 1

coil Pot


In this piece, i used the coil method. it is where you take a bunch of rolled up coils and you stack them on top of each other to get your pot, if you wanna it to get smaller while it gets taller, you just make the coils go in more, and if you want to make it wider while it gets taller, you just put the coils closer to the outter edge of the other coils. to put the coils together, i had to slip and score it and then put water lightly on it, then i had to gently press them together so that they would stick together. After i would score the inside together and the outside together, so that it would be stronger. I would smooth it out with the end of a butter knife so it would have a smooth texture. i put the flowers on by making little balls of clay and then smashing one part of it down with my finger, and then i would stick it onto the pot and i did that over and over agian. For the stem, i made a coil and wrapped it aroud the pot, so that it would give it characteristic. I made the pot unsemetircal, to give it some characteristic too.

Monster Cup


In this piece, i used a slab method. i cut out a circle slab for the base of my cup, and then i cut out a rectangular one so that it would fit all the way around it. To put it together, i slipped and scored it and then smoothed it out with the end of a butter knife so that i would get the smooth texture. for the hangle, i just cut out a small rectangle piece and bended it so that it would make the shape of the handle. then i slipped and scored it ont to the cup and smoothed it out when the end of the butter knife. For the eyes, i just cut out three circular shapes and slipped and scored them on there, and out lined the pupils. For the mouth i made a small skinny coil and put in onto the cup, and then cut out triangles for the teeth.

Critique #1

Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 20”


In this picture, it looks like this piece is made out of wood. The texture looks very smooth.The form of the piece makes it look like it came from midevil times. This piece is very thick and it must have a hole in it or else it would have blown up in the kiln.

Critique #2

Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height


This piece looks like it is a sculpture. The details make it look somewhat realistic. The form of the piece makes it form into three guys with a snake wrapped around them. The texture of this piece looks very smooth.