Naval Architect

Job Description

Basic Description: Skils

So you think this job is for you? To be a naval architect you need to have work experience related to the position for which they apply. you may have gained the experience through intern ships, work study programs, student research projects, and part-time employment. Employers seek candidates for entry-level positions who possess a bachelor's degree in naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering, civil engineering, or another related discipline. When you first get the job you will need at least attended a 4-year collage and often through their career, naval architects enroll in continuing education to improve their skills.
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Employment Prospects

Naval architects normally find jobs at places like engineering firms, ship designing firms, shipbuilding companies, government agencies,etc...etc...

The average salary for this job is $47,920-$114,490 yearly.

A tip for entry:

  1. Some experts in the field recommend that high school students take such math and science courses as calculus, trigonometry, chemistry, and physics. Other useful courses are writing, computing, shop, and mechanical drawing.