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Team News 9.10.15

Let's Make These Last 10 Days of September COUNT!

Many of you have told me you are going for big goals this month and I am so excited for you! Whether it is getting that 5% bonus in commission, selling $1000 to earn your quick start bonus, going for a promotion - I'm cheering for you and here to help!

Here are some of my top tips to reach your September goals:

  • Book in TIGHT - some of my best shows are thrown together in just a few days. Women don't know what they're doing 2 weeks from now but they do know if they can come to a trunk show this week! Who do you know who needs a girls night this week?
  • Customer service calls - reach out to everyone who has made a purchase this month and "check in" with them to see how they love their new piece. Tell them about our delight guarantee. Offer to help them finish the look with (earrings) or (bracelet) or to help them check off a person on their gift list. Offer to do a show for them!
  • SELFIES - get dressed up and post your selfies on social media! Especially if you have some of the pieces in the Fan Favorites Sale (below). Friends love to see how YOU style your pieces.
  • Offer personal style sessions - reach out to friends and offer to swing by to personally style them for an upcoming event or just to update their wardrobe for Fall. You never know who is dying to drink a cup of coffee (or glass of WINE!) and shop with you in the comfort of their own home.
  • "Mini" Trunk Shows - this is not my first choice but it's a great one for last minute. Reach out to friends and offer to do a mini trunk show at a restaurant of their choice. They bring 4 friends and you bring LookBooks and a couple trays. Very small and low key and they shop from the LookBooks or your iPad.

Fan Favorite Sale - Up to 50% off!

These pieces are on a HUGE SALE - ONLY on Wednesday 9/23 and Thursday 9/24 through 9PM PST (so 11:59PM ET).

Here are some words to say - feel free to copy/paste and post these along with your personal website (PWS):

FLASH SALE TIME! Grab these beauties at a HUGE discount today and tomorrow only! Treat yourself or shop for someone else but do it fast - flash sale pieces are known to sell out on the first day!

September Top Sellers to Date

  • Hayley Bannister $2324
  • Karla Dofflemyer $1464
  • Diana Hudson $674
  • Keisha Moulton $275
  • Ruth Munyao $187
  • Vanessa Evans $167

Welcome New Stylists!

  • Stefanie Copp, Forest VA

Congrats to Hayley Bannister for sponsoring in your jumpstart! You are well on your way to earning an $800 shopping spree!

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Holiday Preview Collection & September TSEOs



TODAY is the day to FOLLOW UP BY PHONE to SEAL THE DEAL with all the women you've been warming-up via email or text these past few days.
You've done part 1 --- sent a note telling her you'd love to do a show with her, told her how gorgeous the new fall collection is, told her she'd make a great hostess, perhaps included some images, and hopefully offered her 2 dates


Remember ... a phone call doesn't take much time and about 75% of the time you are leaving a VM so ... rev yourself up, listen to your favorite song, take a job around the block, get in that POSITIVE MINDSET and ... get ready to TALK ABOUT IT!!


WARM LEAD (someone you met maybe at a show in the spring and she said yes/maybe to a fall show)
Hi Mandy! This is Kim Jones and I am the Stella & Dot stylist you met at Christy's fun trunk show last spring. I LOVED meeting you and I had you down on my list to follow up with about doing a fall show together. I shot you a quick email a few days ago but if you are like me with all this back to school craziness going on, my inbox is busting at the seams. Which is why I decided to just pick up the phone and give you a call. I'm SO EXCITED to do a show together and I know you are going to absolutely love the new fall collection. It is gorgeous. I'm assuming you'd like to do a Wednesday evening happy hour like Christy did and I still have Wednesday September 23rd or Wednesday September 30th available. I'd love to nail down one of those dates for our FUN girls night in. You can give me a buzz back or even text me at this number to let me know which one works. Thanks so much, Mandy. I hope you are doing GREAT and I can't wait to hear back from you!

COLDER LEAD (someone you met, maybe at a show, but you don't remember if you offered her a show but she did shop with you):
Hi Mandy! This is Kim Jones and I am the Stella & Dot stylist you met at Christy's fun trunk show last spring. I really enjoyed meeting you and I hope you are loving the "stella" you purchased at Christy's. I did shoot you an email the other day but I thought I'd follow up by phone and see if I could catch you live. I honestly can NOT remember if I mentioned the idea of us doing a show together back in the spring but we have a brand new collection now and it is SO GORGEOUS and so much of it looks like things that would be your style. I'd love to do a show with YOU this time around and allow YOU to be the one to get hundreds in freebies as a thank you from Stella & Dot. I've got a couple of dates left in September, specifically the 23rd and 30th so ... why don't you take a peak at your calendar and see which one is better and then I'd love to hear back from you to chat about it, see if you have any questions, and see if we can nail down a date to do a fun girls night in. Thanks so much!

REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE OFFERING THE PERSON ON THE OTHER END SOMETHING FABULOUS ... hanging with friends, maybe sipping a cocktail, and earning free jewelry ... simple and FUN, that is IT!

I always tell the girls on my team ... you really aren't ASKING for a show ... you are OFFERING a show!
smile emoticon

A few seconds of courage is all it takes and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!! SO GET OUT THERE TODAY on TALK ABOUT IT THURSDAY, pick up that phone, and collect those NOs, as Jenny Foley posted about earlier today.


V E R S A T I L I T Y // Freya Fringe Necklace | Stella & Dot Fall 2015 Collection

Did you know you can EARN your samples for FREE??

Here is how...

StyleFIX Coupon:

Sell $2000 in a quarter = get $500 product credit for $99

Sell $500 in a quarter = get $200 product credit for $69

Stellar Seller: sell $5000 in a month = $100 product credit, sell $10,000 = $200 product credit

Sponsoring: It's more fun with a friend! And if you help your friend sign on and promote to Associate Stylist during their jumpstart you BOTH get $500 product credit! Do this in YOUR jumpstart and get a bonus $300 product credit! That's $800 PER PERSON you sponsor during your jumpstart... AMAZING!

There are even more ways and I'm happy to help you. Let me know if you'd like to have a phone date or meet for coffee!

Want a bigger PAYCHECK?!

Here are a few ways to boost your commission this month:

  • Sell $2300 = bump up from earning 25% commission to 30%
  • Sell $5000 = 32% commission
  • Sell $10,000 = 35% commission
  • Sponsor a new Stylist and earn coaching commissions when you help them successfully launch their business
  • Help your new Stylist promote to Associate Stylist = $75 bonus (EACH MONTH during their first year!)

My Upcoming Trunk Show Schedule

You are all welcome to shadow me at one of my trunk shows. Just email me and let me know in advance that you'd like to join me.

Sept. 25, 10:30 am- 2:00 pm Westminster Canterbury (fundraiser)

Oct. 2, 9:30 am - 11:30 am Charlottesville

Oct. 4, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Charlottesville

Oct. 4, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Charlottesville

Oct. 29, 7:00 - 9:00 pm Charlottesville

Nov. 5, 6:00 - 8:00 pm Charlottesville

Nov. 10, 6:00 - 8:00 pm Charlottesville