It's Here!!!!


Come and get a taste of a possible future dream!

We are having a meeting to describe The Young Author's Club , what it is, how to get in, and what to expect. Joining will give you a sense of responsibility because you are committing to a project. This experience will hopefully expand your knowledge on a possible dream you hope to someday chase, as well as gaining motivation and confidence to show everyone what you have to say on paper and maybe even outloud. I hope this packet gave enough information about what Young Author's Club plans to do. I also hope to see as many students as possible who want to chase a dream, but remember the number of students in the club is limited to 5 so it may get a little bit competetive. So, whoever isn't able to join the club this year round, it is not because they aren't good enough but because it's a chance of probablitity. Everyone has a unique and impressive imagination that shouldn't only depend on a club, so go out and woe the people with your creativity.  
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