William Lloyd Garrison

Ethan Best

Williams Parents

"William Lloyd Garrisons mom was Francis Naria Garrison. His dad was Abijah Garrison. Williams dad was a merchant sailor." William's dad moved away from the family on 1808. It was really hard for Williams mother to raise 4 kids by herself.

William Lloyd Garrisons Childhood

"William was born on December 12 1805 in bury-port Massachusetts." When he was young he tried to be a shoe and cabinet maker. Garrison also sold lemonade and candy to make money. He had 3 siblings. "When William was 13 he was appointed a 7 year apprentice as a writer and editor."

William In His 20's And 30's

he tried to make his own newspaper but failed. After that he became a writer. When he was 25 he joined the abolitionist movement. In 1831 he published his first edition of the liberator. He also married Helen Garrison on September 4, 1834.
William's son served as an officer in Massachusetts. William burned a copy of the constitution of the U.S. After that he spent 44 days in jail. He also joined the A.C.S. After he was a writer, he became a co-editor for a antislavery paper.
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"He died of kidney disease in New York city. William died on May 24,1879. He was buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston. William's wife died on 1876. His mother died on 1823 in Springfield Massachusetts."
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