Adventures of Notetaking

Summarizing and Avoiding Plagarizing

Let's start with Note taking Strategies

Incredible Shrinking Notes

Let's watch a video example of how to take notes from an online article. Using bullets to list the key words or information will help you to decide which details to use for your project. Now let's read this article or hurricane article together. Next we will complete our Incredible Shrinking Notes activity by taking notes on a 3x5 sticky note and decide which notes we should transfer on a 2x2 sticky notes.

Escaping the Plagiarism trap!

What is Plagiarism and how to avoid it so you can create a wonderful project or write an awesome report. Click on this presentation to learn how to avoid the trap and be successful. Practice or review with these paragraph activity for fourth graders and fifth graders. Don't forget to underline with different colored markers or crayons.

Use this Paraphrasing activity and Summarizing quiz to test your knowledge. Let's try some Kahoot and Quizzizz fun to make sure that we know it all!

Plagiarism versus Copyright...Here is the difference!

Plagiarism: The act of using another person’s ideas, words, images, etc. in your project without citing the source within the sentence and/or Bibliography.

Copyright: The law that protects any work that was created by an author, artist, singer, etc. People must ask to use their work, or parts of it, for their project (esp. for $$). Ex: Frankie Lymon song

Copyright and Bibliographies

Copyright and Fair Use for Student Projects