U.S. and Canada Connections!

By: Clay Gabel

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Their Connection

The United States and Canada have a unique and very close relationship. They have constant trading and regular immigration to and from the countries. They have a very close likeness that is shown in the following 3 topics.

The 3 Connections:

Economic Connection


The trading among the United States and Canada is one of the largest in the world. It has huge quantities of good and people go across the boarder each year. The map shown here shows the export/import value of the country, showing goods pricing anywhere from $5 billion to $20 billion. At the website shown here, the export and import trade value has increased since 1985, at $47.251 million to $301.6096 million in 2013.

Social Connection

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The US and Canada both have many minorities groups, such as the Asian class of both countries. They both have a very high Caucasian percentage, while the US has 66% Caucasian and Canada 82.7%, they still remain to take up most of the population of the countries.
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Along with alike ethnic groups, they also have similar people with similar backgrounds. Like in photo above, many loyalists, as well as New England Yankees populated the Nova Scotia Region, as well as the loyalists populating the New Brunswick and Quebec areas.

Political Connections

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The US and Canadian are similar and different. They both have a constitution, yes, but the US has a democracy with a president, and Canada has a monarchy with a prime minster. Our national leaders have met for many years. Some of these meetings have been bad, some have come out very good, but always in the end, the US and Canada have a very strong trading relationship.