Asheville Primary School

Family Connection 4/4/22

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School Pictures


Mr. Shawn will be taking our photos this week so that we can remember this wonderful family for years to come! Bring your best smile!

Tomorrow 4/5 Montessori Classrooms

Wednesday 4/6 Preschool Classsrooms


Strawbridge will be here, at parent request, to take spring individual student pictures on April 25th.


Use this link to order an APS shirt anytime. (Remember shipping has been taking awhile, so it may take a couple of weeks to get it.)

A note from your principal....

I will be out on medical leave April 12 through April 24 for surgery. During this time, I will have limited access to phone and email during this time.

Please feel free to call the school (350-2900) or reach out to Susanna Smith (preschool director) with any issues that arise during that time.

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April: Be Kind to the Earth

My Friend Earth | Storytime
APS Volunteer Interest Form

Fill out this form to indicate your interest and availability to volunteer at APS. Please remember that all volunteer activities are subject to Covid restrictions and safety protocols.

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Upcoming Events

April 7 Battle of the Books

April 11-18 Spring Break

April 25-28 AR Sandbox

April 25 Spring Pictures by Strawbridge

April 27 Didge Down Under School Wide Presentation During Day AND Family Performance at 5:30 pm

April 28 Allan Wolf Visit

Anti-bias Parenting Workshop

Click here to sign up for a workshop for parents who want to foster an anti-bias environment at home. Title I funds paid your fee so it is FREE. Log in and participate at your own rate, based on your own schedule. HURRY...this offer expires in May!


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Meet Oscar

This fuzzy bunny has joined our family to remind us to maintain an environment of calm, peace, low volume, and safe movements. Our 4th grade classroom is currently caring for Oscar and have said he is "teaching us to pay attention to moving around calmly and paying attention to how we move and speak". Oscar may be making his rounds to other classes throughout the spring. Caring for a pet teaches patience and responsibility and we are excited to provide this opportunity. Students are eager to help by bringing in items for Oscar, please let us know if you have any specific questions. We want to make sure that the items coming in are healthy for Oscar.

Oscar's Wishlist

  • Recycled paper bedding
  • raw vegetables (carrots, lettuce greens, raddichio, radish tops, or sprouts)
  • berries, nectarines, plums
  • rabbit chew toys (apple sticks, timothy hay braids)
  • timothy hay (loose)
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Attendance & Tardies

If your child is absent or tardy, please send a note in to the teacher or email with an excuse. Documenting why students are out helps us keep accurate records. If you receive a letter about unexcused absences, you can submit notes for previous dates as indicated on the letter. If you chose to self-quarantine, you will need to send in a note. We thank you for your patience as we all work together to help Ms. Kett keep accurate records off site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 350-2900.
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Ask your child about the rows and rows of teeth a shark has!

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