My Transcendental Journey


Society has a way of directing people in the right direction. It has a way of telling people how to live their lives or whats right and whats wrong. Society has essentially taught people that more is better. The more money or the more goods that one owns, the better. Those who chose to live the opposite, without lots of money or material goods, are often times frowned upon. This type of life is known as transcendentalism. Transcendentalism is "a system developed by Immanuel Kant, based on the idea that, in order to understand the nature of reality, one must first examine and analyze the reasoning process that governs the nature of experience" (Google Dictionary). Transcendentalism is often times looked at as the wrong way of living thing. Many people look at it as bad, often times looking down on those people. I will be going on a journey that will help me realize the simple things in life, and allow me to come in touch with my inner self as well as learning more about the iconic places in the United States.

Day 1: Fenway Park

Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most iconic cities in the entire United States. Boston has played a very critical part in much of the history of our country. From the Boston Tea Party, to the bombing of the Boston Marathon. One of the most iconic buildings in not only Boston, but in the entire world, is Fenway Park. Fenway Park has been home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912. Fenway Park is very well known for the "Green Monster" in left field, as well as being the oldest ballpark in the major leagues. The ballpark is also home to the only completely hand operated scoreboard in professional sports. I want to visit Fenway Park due to the history that is apart of the stadium. The park, being the oldest in Major League Baseball, has been host to some the greatest baseball players and baseball games. By being in the park, it will allow me to soak in the rich history that is apart of this park, and apart of america's pastime. This location is one of the many reasons that I love the game of baseball so much. The rich tradition and great history have formed so many great relationships in my life.
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Day 2: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is on of the largest cities in the United States, and the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. Early in the history of the United States, the founding fathers met multiple times and was the eventual first capital of the United States of America. I want to travel to Philadelphia and venture all around the city. It is important to me to recognize where I came from. Being that the city of Philadelphia was so influential in the creation of our country, I believe that every US citizen should visit this great city.

Day 3: New York, New York

New York City is the largest city in the entire country of the United States of America. New York city is often referred to as the culture city of the world, due to its diversity throughout the city. New York city is split into five districts, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. New York served as the capital of the country for a very short period of time, from 1785 to 1790. New York is very well known for the Statue of Liberty, which serves as a symbol for freedom for immigrants who used to travel past the statue to get into the United States. I want to travel to New York to experience the great diversity, as well as get a taste for the large city.

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Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. It was officially announced as the capital on July 16th, 1790. I want to visit Washington D.C. because it is the capital of our nation. I think it would be very interesting to see the many monuments and dedications that we have to many of the very influential people in the history of our great nation. This district serves as a constant reminder of the struggle that the people of our great nation went through to give us freedom and a functioning government that so many of us take for granted.


Throughout my journey, I visited places that have significance in my life. All four of the places that I went on my journey are very influential on my life, and the lives of so many individuals in the United States. This journey helped deepened my knowledge of the history of our nation, as well as helped provide me with a deeper realization of the true beauty of the landmarks of our nation. This journey covered some of the most important cities throughout the creation of our country. Three of the four cities once served as the capital, while Boston was home to some of the most well known events of our countries history.

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