They story of Everyman was written in 1495, by Peter van Diest. Everyman is a play that represents when the time has come for man to die he cannot take anything him. While this play was showing, Christians knew that through this play that their lives needed to be different, to share the Word of God more.


Everyman: Typical human who his wasting his live away until he reaches his time to die.

God: Merciful, yet Supreme being.

Death: Messanger commanded by God to summon everyman.

Material Goods: Earthly things that everyman had cherished, has now abandoned everyman.

Good Deeds: Only friend that everyman has to accompany him into death.

Knowledge: Tells everyman that he should summit to God.

Confession: Everyman confesses his sins to him.

Five wits: Earthly things that leave everyman when his time comes.

Angel: Creature who welcomes everyman into heaven.

Doctor: Delivers word of warning at the end of the play.


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