By Skylynn and Jose 8th😄

Wind energy

wind is on the timing time and any day at the same time As the Earth is affected by an unequally of heat energy from the sun,state of the air differentiate between different regions.Warm air expands and rises up wile cold air condenses and sinks henceresulting the flow of air and forms wind.we need for electricity. It blows pollution to different spot. wind energy is nonrenewable.It is not nonrenewable and it forms all the time.


Wind energy can only happen when wind is blowing,when there is no wind the generater does not move. it cost a lot to bild a windmill.


when wind is blowing it spins the windmills.Wind is one of the most promising new sources.wind energy gives use energy.Wind energy is free but...... it cost a lot tobild a windmill.

Where is this resource found most abundantly?

wind is found at windmill farms,sometimes in the ocean.
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Are there any harmful effects to the Earth from creating or using this resource?

The harmful things wind energy can do is when wind is not blowing there is no wind energy made. In addition, the amount of birds found dead on wind farms have increased over the years.

FACTS about wind energy :)

Did you know that wind provides us at least 20% of energy.By the year 2020 10 million american people will be supplied by wind energy.these states have wind energy: Germany, the US, Spain,and some auther states.In1999,the global wind energy capacity was 10,000 megawatts,is also 16 billion kilowatt-hours.