Donald Driver

By Kyle Schuettpelz

Whoosh Aaron Rodgers throws an amazing pass to Donald Driver. He catches it he runs into the enzone for the winning touchdown. He does a lambeau leap and the crowd goes wild.

Donald Driver was born on February 2 1975 in Houston Texas. Donald Driver was homeless during parts of his child hood. even going so far as to use a U-haul for shelter. Donald Driver attended Mississippi Al corn state university.

Donald Driver was drafted by the green bay packers in 1999 to play wide receiver. In October 2009 he became the packers all time leading receiver with 596 catches. Donald Driver won dancing with the stares in 2012.

Donald Driver met his wife in college and there first date was at McDonalds. Donald Driver has 3 kids. There names are Christian, Christina, and Charity. Donald Drivers dad nick named him quickie because he was so fast. Donald Driver wrote three children s books. He started a foundation to help homeless family's and to improve educational opportunities for disadvantages with in north eastern WI.

There you have it Donald Driver Known as double d. He was an amazing football player and I hate to see him go. Donald Driver you will be missed.

Donald Driver 61 yard touchdown vs 49ers