Cell phones need to go on mute

Cell phones have become more of problem rather than a helper

Distraction to people

People are being distracted by cell phones every second, whether its from doing homework, work, or anything that requires lots of focus. Cell phones also distract many drivers while driving keeping their eyes on the phone and not the road. In 2011 alone 3,331 people were killed and 400,000 injured in crashes blamed on distracted driving and 69 percent of U.S. drivers say they talk on their cellphones and about 1 in 3 read or send texts or emails while driving (Richards). Also in 2010 there were 61,000 tickets for texting and driving alone. Drivers ages 15 to 20 are more likely to the in a car crash than in the next three ways combined: homicide, suicide, disease. In August 2010, a 19-year-old who was texting a friend while driving on a Missouri highway caused a pileup that killed two people, injured dozens, and left two school buses and a pickup truck in a crumpled heap. This is one example out of many more. 50% Percentage of Americans who say texting while driving should be punished as harshly as drunk driving. Already, 30 countries have placed some nationwide limitations on the use of phones by drivers, including complete bans in Germany and Portugal but the problem won't die easily.

Solutions to Distracted driving

Texting and driving is a very serious and dangerous topic and isn't discussed lightley. the number of states with distracted-driving laws has more than doubled, from 18 states in 2009 to 39 in 2012. App developers are creating apps for IOS and Android like “DriveMode” which prevents phone calls and text messages from coming in while in motion. There are simple solutions everybody could make but they'd need to make the good choice. For instance people could turn their phone completely off so the phone doesn't make any noise whatsoever. Another solution is putting your phone out of reach. Newer model cars coming out have “handsfreelink” which uses bluetooth connected to your phone. this “bluetooth” makes it so when driver get a call all they have to say is accept to the car and the driver will be able to talk the caller on speaker through the car's speaker.

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Cell-Phone slang

Everyone knows that kids today are way too involved with their phones. This can lead to enormous amounts of bad habits and decisions. Studies show that “64 percent of youngsters ages 12 to 17 have used emoticons, text shortcuts and informal language in school assignments.”(Horowitz) This will only get worse with time. Especially with all the new technology and slang popping up everywhere. It’s so difficult to stop the bad grammar with kids at the age of five, and sometimes even younger getting phones. Once someone gets a phone they start to text, and when they text they use slang. and when kids at a young age such as five or six start using slang, that’s how they will learn to write and type for everything.

Grammar fix

Although there are lots of negatives to cell phone grammar, there are lots of solutions. you could make your kids get off electronics for a certain amount of time each day. you can have family dinners, where phones aren't allowed. You can ban phones on week days. Use phones as a reward for good grammar grade. And lastly you can just wait until your kids need a phone to give them one. all of these are good solutions but not everyone will use them. It is up to the person who needs or wants a solution to choose one.


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