Air Force Pilots

By Luke Rich

What this man/or woman does for their country

A air force pilot is trained to help other units that are stationed on the ground by providing air support.This very brave person is often over seas in a enemy country, either spying or in some cases, dropping a bomb. They are very honored men and women who keep our country safe. (below is a model of one of the fighter planes the pilots fly, the F-15 Eagle)
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As an Air Force cadet, you will have to stay up to 4 years at the Air Force Academy (typically within 60 days of administration).
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To get into the academy

To get into the Air Force academy,

1. you must be very dedicated and focused

2. you must be considering and getting ready for the academy well before you get there must be very smart and strong

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Trendes (changes over time)

As technology got more advanced and military weapon designers moved into the future, they changed the weapons on aircrafts. The very dangerous weapons on aircrafts became more, well, dangerous. The designers then started to put new missiles that the united states military scientists had just started to develop.
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One thing that most airplanes in the air force have maintained for decades, are that they have mounted guns on the bottom of the wings. Starting with the P-51 mustang, they have had slow firing guns from the tip of the wing to the top or bottom of the wing. Now moving on to the F-15 eagle. As you can see from the picture below, the F-15 has machine guns, and other mounted guns like the P-51 mustang. so, in a way, guns from older airplanes and guns on newer planes are most definitely the same.
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