Trainees Induction

The booklet to engage you with your exchange experience

Lets start

This is the first information page of the trainees induction Booklet make sure to read all the information that you have to know before your exchange experience. This flyer will help you understand and process the experience you are about to start

Now you are a confirmed trainee to our projects

You are a confirmed AIESEC Piura trainee if:

You have been interviewed and accepted for one of our managers

A person of your entity interviewed you because of our cooperation process.

When AIESEC Piura does an interview, we focused in clarifying and explaining 4 things:

1. The Basic description of the project: We explain what the project is about, and what we plan to aim with that. Besides, as an Exchange Participant, when you apply for a project you have to read all the information that the TN form you applied for has. Once you read that, you accept it by signing the "Student Acceptance Note" that the Home entity sends so we can continue the process. Accepting the TN form means you accept all the processes, requirements and demands the form have. Acording to the Exchange Participant Policies, this is the information we have to fulfill so we can make sure we are delivering a good internship experience. You have to know what we offer and what you have to fullfill because that will be your main document if we are not fullfilling your expectations.

2. Preparation Required to the intern before arriving. The intern is informed with all the intel he / she has to know before arriving to our city.

3. Detalis of the working conditions. In the interview we explain what the project is about and the main job description writen in the TN form

4. Basic stuff we offer: We explain about accomodation, food, induction seminar, global village, etc.

If you wanna know the main description of the project, please visit links down below to get the information:

And What we offer?

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Me as a trainee, what should I do?

It is simple, you just have to follow your job description and fullfilled all the task asign for the AIESEC members of the project or in your weekly meetings.

Remeber that you have to pay a 45 US dollar fee, as explained on the interview, as a maximum 1 day after arriving to a bank account or personally to one of our managers. Why we ask for that?

- The TN fee is MANDATORY for all the trainees that are coming to our city, it is in our TN forms as one of our requirements, by signing this, you are accepting paying it (in a period no longer than 1 days after arriving)- This is use for some things such as:

- HOST families, we granted with some bonus to the families that cannot host a trainee for economic reasons - this is our main spend - however, it does not mean we are giving money to all host families or the family you will be staying - we preoritize this spend analyzed for the incoming exchange so we can know wich are the families that need this bonus.

- For pick ups, we spent aprox 20 soles - $ 7.5 US (round trip) to getting trainees from the airport to host families, these costs come from the FEE - Again, this is covered in the way needed aproved before for finance and incoming exchange.

- Induction Seminar - We have a preparation seminar, it gave us some expenses, they come from the FEE.

- Global Village and material expenses - There is an event (if we have the right quantity of trainees) where we cover at least the 50% of the expenses.

Project and Incoming Exchange expenses come from the FEE. For project expenses it doesnt mean we will have all the materials asked for the traineers. We will give that according to what Incoming Exchange think is convinient. The main development of the project are workshops, so it is more about giving knowledge than materials what makes our projects impactfull.

You have any commets or didnt understand something?