Private Ownership!

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The Basics of Capitalism

Adam Smith was a Scottish man born in 1923. He created capitalism by writing "Wealth of Nations", and came up with the idea of "laissez-faire capitalism." Capitalism became so popular because everyone at the time want privacy, and with capitalism you were promised private ownership. The people were also told capitalism would allow them to pursue their own interests.

Advantages of Capitalism

Capitalism is the best economic system because you are allowed to freely pursue your dreams. Capistalism is also the best economic system because people get to run their own business and make money without the government interfering. People also get to own their own land, and make the choices of what they want to do with it. These points are all advantages over the other two forms of government, socialism and communism, and they are also why capitalism is the best economic system.

Homes of Capitalism

The place that you live in is a capitalist place! In the United States the form of capitalism is Democratic Capitalism. Other examples of capitalism are in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, and many more. Capitalism is still being followed in many places because of its many advantages, and the United States is just one of those manys places.
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