Welcome to Week Three

Polynomials (1001)

Weekly Content - Polynomials

This week's material will be an extension of what we did last week. We'll take the variables with exponents that we're now familiar with and add them together to form larger expressions called polynomials. Please be sure to review the additional materials that I've posted in the Problems and Solutions forum.

Course Tip - Support Services

As we move further into the course's material, I'd like to make sure everyone is aware of the support services that the University makes available.</p>

  1. Smart Thinking The University provides access to a tutoring service called Smart Thinking that provides support for math, science and English classes. You can access their website through the Student Common.
  2. Live Sessions The eCollege classroom has a discussion area where students and faculty can go to have live discussions about the material. I'll be glad to arrange office hours by appointment to meet with students there. If you'd like to do this, please send me an email and we can arrange a date and time.
  3. Supplemental Materials Every week I post a variety of supplemental materials in the Problems and Solutions forum. These include written materials with a variety of examples, links to videos and dynamic, web-based tutorials.