Bing in the Classroom

Safer image searches, lesson plans, and more!

What is Bing in the Classroom?

Bing in the Classroom provides a safer search and ad-free experience for K-12 school districts. Omaha Public Schools is a Bing District, which means when students use the Bing search engine it is naturally set up with additional safety features when on devices in the district network.

Quality Ad-Free Searching

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Bing Image Search

Built in safe search features.

Which would distract your students?
Now- not something to try with your students, but do some image searches of questionable material on popular search engines like Google images, and then do the same search on Bing images. The results are astonishing. Check out the search results below for "butt" in Google vs. Bing.
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Advanced Filtering Tools for Creative Commons

1. Search for an image.
2. Click the filter icon on the far right.
3. Select the License appropriate for what you want to use.
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Not sure which to choose? Click the "Learn More".

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Resources for Learning & Teaching Copyright Rights and Wrongs

Copyright and Fair Use Animation

Additional Bing Resources

Check out at the bottom of the home page teacher resources including lesson plans, or go directly to the Bing in the Classroom site.
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