America-Industrial Revolution

Carter Pohl

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John D Rockefellar

Who: A very rich man, he created and owned the standard oil company.

What: He donated to many charities and organizations.

When: He was born July 8, 1839, and died May 23, 1937

Where: He lived in New York most of his life.

Why: He was a very important part of our economy.

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Thomas Edison

Who: He invented the lightbulb

What: He held 1,093 patented inventions

When: He was born February 11, 1847, and died October 18, 1931

Where:He lived in New York most of his life.

Why: If it wasn't for Jim we might not have had the light bulb as soon as we did and many more inventions.

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Who: People forced to work there because there's no where else to work

What: Working factories with low pay, bad conditions, and no benefits

Where: All across the world

When: We had them hundreds of years ago and still have them today.

Why: They helped build America, but still, there bad to have.

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Railroads- effect on native Americans

Who: Native Americans.

What: Land was being taken away from them.

Where: Across Indian territory.

When: The 19th century.

Why: So we don't make the same mistake again.

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