The Three Blind Mice

By: George Mayo

Once upon a time there were three blind mice. They have been blind all there life, and have learned and adapted. These three blind mice have also learned how to be a crook in the animal world. They have always gone throw petit juries for there crimes but there has never been a grand jury to find them guilty. They were known as the kings of being able to get a jury to let them be acquits, or free them because they were found not guilty. They always knew how to hide most of there evidence.

One night the mice were going on there yearly mission to try to see what mouse will be able to steal the most money. Unlucky for the mice there were only three banks in the city they lived in, and the police have been tracking them. The three mice split up and went to the three different banks. The three mice always made sure to be OK, but the police fooled them this year. Usually the police have a certain sent but this year the police changed it so the three blind mice couldn't tell it was them. At all of the banks were the money was the police put fake money in cages where the money would normally be, and as the mice went in the cages the police closed the cages and arrested the mice. The police, at the arrest, must read the mice four rights. these rights are the right to remain silent, Right to an attorney, court appointed attorney if necessary, Right to have an attorney present, and the right to stop answering questions. The police also describe to the mice that they have committed a felony.

The three blind mice were very soon sent to jail where they would be asked questions, and were told that they were going to be put in a big indictment for the stunt they just tried to pull. The mice called everyone they knew to see if they would bail them out of jail, so they could try to escape town. The sad thing for them was, there isn't anyone in the town who really like them. \

The next morning the three mice woke up and had to go to the court house day. The mice asked to see if the all ready had a public defender, or an official defender to represent indigents in criminal cases at public expense. The officers told them yes they had one. The mice went in for there court hearing. As they were sitting there, witness after witness, the mice finally had a chance for the defender to defend them, the defendants. The three blind mice appeared for an arraignment and will enter a plea. A plea can be either guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The three blind mice had there defender to to establish a plea bargain which may allow for a lesser sentence. The next step was for the three mice to make there testimony why they should not go to prison for what they have done. Each and every one of the mice gave the jury a perjury, or gave them a false testimony under oath or affirmation. The judge was quick to ask the juries verdict. But before they could the three blind mice asked for an appeal, or proceeding for review by a higher tribunal. But the judge and jury were quick to say no, and the jury gave the judge there verdict. After there verdict the three blind mice were sent to prison to serve until they die.



As a jury we have decided that the three blind mice are convicted of the crime of trying to steal the three banks money. As a jury we find them GUILTY!!!