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iReady-iDone-iDon't Know What to Do Now

By now, your students have taken the diagnostic in iReady. So what do you do now?

Below, I'm linking some files for your reference about analyzing your data and planning instruction, getting students talking about their data, and planning small group instruction. These are great, informative resources & I'm happy to help you navigate them if you have questions!

Student Data Chats

Click here for data chat resources

BIG News From ClassDojo!

ClassDojo is always listening to teachers, which is why I'm excited to share some awesome news with you!

First, new BIG IDEAS videos are on their way! I got a sneak peak of the first one, and it's adorable, so you'll definitely want to check it out beginning Monday, Sept. 30th. A new Big Ideas video will be released each Monday for the following 9 weeks.

Second, the ability to redeem points is coming! Right now, it's being beta tested with mentors, but you'll soon have this awesome capability! See the screenshots below for directions on where to look and how to begin.

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BTS BrainPop Resources

Click here for back to school BrainPop resources!

Professional Development News

I'll be hosting 2 On-Site PDs this month.

The first will be on Oct. 16, from 3-4:30 at TFAA on Nearpod.

The second will be on Oct. 29, from 3-4:30 at SPS on Nearpod.

Please log in to Performance Matters to register.

Nearpod was recently purchased by our district and is one of my absolute favorite instructional tools to use! If you haven't used it before, you don't want to miss out on this invaluable PD!

What Is Nearpod?

Have You Checked the Latest Version of Potty PD?

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Mrs. Smith's Tasty Tech Bytes

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