giovanni de verrazzano

and his great adventures as told by him (by gary gourley)


i was an Italian explorer who charted the Atlantic coast or north american between the Carolina's and the Newfoundland

general info:

born:around 1485 near Val di Greve

dided: in 1528, he was killed and eaten by the natives of one of the Lower Antilles, probably on Guadeloupe

personality: I was adventurous from birth and always wanted to discover new things

sailed for : I sailed for France and he sailed from 1522 to 1528


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places i discovered

I Discovered the majority of the eastern coast of America including the Virginia and Delaware Capes, New Jersey, New York Bay, Rhode Island, Narragansett Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and the Maine Coast

why i went on this journey

why: i went on my voyages to discover a route to china though the new world that i would call the "northwest passage"

outcome: the outcome of my voyages lead to me being the first person to for sure say that this was the new world and not Asia ... and i was the first person to discover that there was no "northwest passage" on account of how i died trying


La Dauphine – Built for the French Royal Navy in Le Havre in 1519, she was 100 tons and was manned by a crew of 50 men