Character Analyisis of Plato

He is the one who shot the puppies

Trait Number One

The first trait of the crazed Character is he is mentally unstable, Because of his parents being either dead or gone away. He has never had any family, besides the maid who looked after Plato.

Trait Number Two

The second trait that there is for Plato is that he is lonely and shy. Plato is not the one to come up to someone and just become friends. He became friends with Jim is because Jim saw him at the police station and he was new and did not know where to start. Otherwise he would be lonely for a while, because his parents are never home or never cared for him.

Trait Number Three

The third trait is that he is strong. He has deal with all of the people making fun of him just because he is himself. Another part of this is that he has dealt with his parents not being home and has lived basically alone most of his life.

The Rebels

Did he Learn?

He did not learn from this experience because he did not have the chance to .

Key Item

The mismatched socks represented the dysfunction in his family and that he has been through so much to be where he was at.


The lesson of the film is that there may be dysfunction but eventually there will be someone to care for you.

Who out of the Three families had the worst in the families?

Plato must have had the worst family relationship, why? Because his mother was never there and his father wasn't there for him either. He is alone and forevermore.