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A ballet dancer :3 By Rhiannon.Arcaba

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The Story Of Anna Pavlova Becoming A Famous Dancer

She was born on februay 12, 1881, she died 1931 january 3rd. She was a famous prim ballet dancer. she lived in St PetersBurg. Anna was 50 years old when she died.Her breakthrough performance was in the dying swan 1905 which became her signiture role, she joined the ballet russe in 1905 and formed her own company 1911Contracting double pneumonia while on tour, Pavlova died in 1931. She went all around the world for Ballet. from early on, Anna's active imagration and love and fantasy drew her to the world of ballet. She had a performence at NYC (new york city) everyone was so amazed that they where so speacless, Anna thought that she done something wrong but accaulty she done it so amazing the crowd went crazy and loud, She was amazed too!. she was in a ballet school and she pratced and pratched.

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Pavlova's career soon blossomed. With every performance, she gained increasing critical acclaim and subsequent fame. But it was in 1905 that Anna Pavlova made her breakthrough performance, when she danced the lead solo in choreographer Michael Fokine's The Dying Swan, with music by Camille Saint-Saëns. With her delicate movements and intense facial expressions, Anna managed to convey to the audience the play's complex message about the fragility and preciousness of life. The Dying Swan was to become Anna Pavlova's signature role.
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