Useful Information


Cyprus is the biggest island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is also located north of Egypt and south of Turkey.

Geographic Physical Features

The Coast/Perimeter of Cyprus is 648 Kilometers and also Cyprus has an area of 9250 Kilometers of land. There are mountains on the north side of the island which provide fertile soil for farming. 40 percent of the land on the island is farmable.

History, government, capital, tourism, currency and flag

History - Although Cyprus was not a founder of the European Union, Cyprus joined the European Union in May of 2004. It was part of the Eastern Roman Empire before Cyprus joined the EU.

Government, Capital and Four Major Cities - Cyprus is a Republic and the capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. Four major cities in cyprus are Lefkosia, Limassol, Larnaka and Ammochotas.

Tourism - Tourists often visit the Four Seasons Hotel to experience the Luxury Beaches and amazing waterparks.

Currency - Before the currency was Euros Cyprus used pounds as a form of currency.

Flag - The Olive branches on the flag represent a symbol of peace.

Other Interesting Facts - Cyprus Independence day is on October 1st. The weather is unique meaning you can go to the beach one day and then go snow skiing the next day.

Cyprus is known as the Playground of Gods.