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November 2020

Every Credit Counts!

The second progress report grades were just issued and every class counts! The grades that were just issued are only progress report grades. These are issued so that you can see how your child is currently performing and serve as a gauge so that students can see if they need to get additional help or support before the official grades are posted at the end of the semester. Please reach out to your student's teachers regarding work habits, missing assignments, and low grades. Also, check Google Classrooms each week to see if students are making progress. We encourage students and parents to reach out to teachers if you are not doing well to see what can be done to improve current grades. Students have time before the end of the semester to improve their current grades!!!

Students need 220 credits to graduate from Orange Vista High School. Students earn 5 credits per class per semester for each class they earn a grade "D" or higher (students must get C's or higher if they plan on attending a 4 year university). The official end of the semester grades get posted to the transcript on December 18, 2020 and June 4, 2021. Students that fail a class at the Semester will be required to make the class up via credit recovery or summer school. If students fail to make-up classes and get too far behind on credits they will be referred in 11th grade to Val Verde High School which is our Continuation High School in VVUSD. It is not too late to bring grades up before the end of the semester! Please make sure you are utilizing all of the academic supports outlined below.

OVHS Grading Periods

September 18, 2020: Progress Report

October 30, 2020: Progress Report

December 18, 2020: First Semester Grades (go on transcript)

February 19, 2021: Progress Report

March 26, 2021: Progress Report

June 4, 2021: Second Semester Grades (9th-11th go on transcript)

Credit Deficiency

To meet VVUSD high school graduation requirements, students are expected to earn sufficient credits to stay on grade level. Below are the expected credits completed at the following terms for a student to be considered on track and not be considered credit deficient and at risk for possible transfer to a continuation school to complete credit recovery. Students have a variety of options to make up a class if they do earn a D or F. Students can sign up for online credit recovery during the school year and can also sign up for summer school classes.

Credits a Student MUST earn each year to be on Track for Graduation

9th Grade: Must earn at least 25 credits Fall Semester, and have earned 50 credits by the end of the year.

10th Grade: Must earn at least 80 credits by the end of Fall Semester, and have earned at least 110 credits by the end of the year.

11th Grade: Must have earned at least 130 credits by the end of Fall Semester, and have earned at least 160 credits by the end of the year.

12th Grade: Must have earned at least 190 credits by the end of Fall Semester.

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Resources at Orange Vista to Help Students Stay on Track for Academic Success

Class Link

One App where you can access EVERYTHING!!! Has the link for Aeries Portal, Paper Tutoring App, Google Classrooms and much more!


1. Username: Type in your VVUSD Student email but DO NOT include

2. Password: Student ID number

3. Click: Sign In (NOT with google)

Aeries Weekly Progress Report Option for Parents and Students

Aeries has a feature where parents or students can subscribe to weekly progress emails from within the Aeries Parent/Student Portal. These emails contain up to date attendance and gradebook information. The information contained in this email is the same information that is available through the parent portal. When parents log into the parent portal, they will see a banner prompting them to sign up for weekly progress emails if they have not already done so.

See the link below for step-by-step directions to set up this option in the Aeries Portal.

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Coyote Catch-Ups

  • Students do not have to sign up ahead of time. Click on the Zoom link and it will take them to the Zoom Meeting:
  • Once in the Coyote Catch-Up Session, students will be broken into smaller breakout rooms. Each breakout room will be facilitated by a Coyote Catch-Up teacher.
  • Sessions are two hours long on weekdays and three hours long on weekends. During this time, student expectation is that they stay in the session and complete work assignments.

Coyote Catch-Ups

Afternoon/Evenings 3:30pm-5:30pm

Tuesday 12/1

Thursday 12/3

Monday 12/7

Tuesday 12/8

Thursday 12/10

Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm



Student Attendance

Under California Education Code, OVHS Teachers are required to record student attendance. This is to ensure that students are engaging in the required educational minutes and engaging in both Synchronous (live instruction) and Asynchronous (independent work completed outside live class time) learning. Please see the attendance codes and explanations below so that you may better understand how your student's attendance is being recorded during distance learning.
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Google Classrooms

For each class a student is enrolled in there is a Google Classroom assigned. The Google Classrooms can be found on a Students Aeries Portal or by using the Class Link above. Each teacher posts assignments in Google Classroom so it is very important for students to check each Google Classroom assigned to them DAILY to ensure that they don't miss any assignments and turn them in on time.

Tip for Parents: From one parent to another, if your child is not doing well academically I suggest you sit down weekly with your student and have them show you each Google Classroom. In the classroom it will show you what is assigned, when it is due, and if it was turned in or not.

( I sit down with my 10th grade student Friday after school is out and look at each Google Classroom with him, if there is any missing assignments or items not turned in on time he looses his privileges (phone, video games, television) for the weekend. It works wonders in my household so if your child is struggling with this it might be worth a try!)- Mrs. Janis, Counselor

OVHS Distance Learning Schedule

Academic supports such as Flex Time and Teacher Office Hours are built in to our distance learning schedule. Please make sure your student is utilizing these built in supports if they are struggling academically in a class. Students should reach out to teachers to find out when they hold office hours for small group or one on one help. We also have Wednesday FLEX Sessions that are specifically for student help and review of concepts that students may find difficult. No new material is being introduced on Wednesdays.
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Paper Tutoring App-24/7 Online Tutoring for VVUSD Students

PAPER for Parents & Guardians
How Does PAPER Help Students?

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery may be needed or desired if a student earns a D or F grade in a course.

An F grade does not earn credits and in most cases must be re-taken so that the student can meet graduation requirements.

When a student earns a D grade, credit is awarded. However, a D grade can impact a student's ability to meet the A-G requirements to be eligible to attend a 4 year college or university in California. At OVHS, we encourage all students to re-take a class they earned a D or F grade in if possible.

A-G and NCAA approved credit recovery courses are provided by Val Verde Academy using the Schools PLP virtual platform. Schools PLP is internet based. Credit Recovery Students can access their classes 24/7 anywhere they have an internet connection. These classes will be in addition to their regular day schedule through OVHS.

OVHS Counselors are conducting transcript analysis and may recommend credit recovery options for students. Students may have received a Credit Recovery Contract via their Aeries Communication or VVUSD email accounts. The student will need to complete the Credit Recovery Google Form below in order to be enrolled in Credit Recovery.

There will be four credit recovery sessions this year:

Session I. 09/15/2020-10/22/2020

Session II. 11/03/2020-12/10/2020

Session III. 01/26/2021-03/04/2021

Session IV. 03/16/2021-04/29/2021

Tips for High School Academic Success

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Please Reach Out To Your Students Counselor If You Need Further Support