By Alyssa 6-2

Theme: Perseverance

  • Throughout "Sounder" each character showed perseverance. Mother showed perseverance by still trying to give her children a good childhood and provide for them after the father got arrested. The father showed perseverance by coming home after he was injured greatly in a dynamite blast and let off his sentence. The boy showed perseverance because he continued to look for his father and started working in the field to help provide for his family. Sounder showed perseverance when he came back to the cabin even after he was shot and had lost his ear and eye.

Nelson Mandela

  • Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918. When Nelson was 9 years old his father died and Nelson was adopted by Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo the acting regent of the Thembu people. In 1939 Nelson enrolled at the University College of Fort Hare. During his second year there he was elected to the Student Representative Council. Many students were dissatisfied with the food and lack of power the SRC had. Nelson resigned from the SRC after a majority of the students voted to boycott it until their demands were met. Seeing this as an act of insubordination the university’s Dr. Kerr expelled Nelson for the rest of the year. For 20 years Nelson directed peaceful protests against the South African Government. In 1961 Mandela was arrested for organizing a three-day workers strike and sentenced to 5 years in prison. In 1963 Mandela was called to trial again and sentenced to life in prison. After President B.W. Botha had a stroke and was replaced by Frederik Willem de Klerk, Mandela was released from prison. In 1994 Mandela became the first South African black president.

  • Nelson Mandela showed great perseverance in his fight against the corrupted South African government. Mandela organized protests and was not afraid to make his voice heard. Even though Mandela was arrested he refused to give up fighting against the government. After Mandela was released from jail he picked up right form where he left off and continued to fight the government. In 1994 all of Mandela's hard work paid off and he became the President of South Africa.

Pet/human Relationship

  • This video shows how much animals mean to humans. There is a young child playing with and feeding a dog. You can tell how much the girl cares about the dog. Dogs make wonderful pets and companions. This video shows how special a bond between human and dog can be. I don’t think you could have picked a better title, “Dogs are More than Pets, They’re Family.”

  • The dogs look like they would fight for their masters just like Sounder fought for his Master when the deputies arrested him. The dog is helping the girl and keeping her company. Sounder kept the Father company when he came back and was crippled. In the video you can tell how much the dog loves and cherishes its human companion. Just like Sounder cared for his Master.

Anticipation Guide: Only lazy people neglect to provide for their families. Disagree

  • I do not believe that only lazy people neglect to provide for their families. Different businesses might not be hiring people and a person may not be able to find work. If someone had a job they might not be earning very much money. A person might also be disabled, which would make working at some jobs hard.

Father, Daughter, and Dog

  • The stories "Sounder" and "Father, Daughter, and Dog" are similar. Both the master in "Sounder" and the Dad in "Father, Daughter and Dog", were injured and couldn’t do thing they were once able to do. In both stories when the dog’s master died the dog went to find someone to show them that their master had died. Also both Sounder and Cheyenne died shortly after their master had died. However both stories are also different. In Sounder the Master didn’t say much, he just sat there. In Father, Daughter, and Dog, the Dad was depressed and angry about everything. When the Master first saw Sounder he wanted to keep him. When the dad first saw Cheyenne he was disgusted and didn’t want him.


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