In a small village lived Bilbo Baggins and he was a hobbit and like trying to be robber. Then one day came Gandalf a wizard and want him to go a joureny with him and his dwarfs. Then Bilbo went with them and had to face lot of dangerous things on the way.And on the way they ran into trolles and goblins.Then at the wnd the big dragon smaug was killed.


1 in a hole lived a hobbit pg.1

2 put on a few eggs,theres a good fellow pg 11

3 there lies all that is left of dale pg 204

4 you are always foreboding gloomy things pg 248

2 people and info about them.

Smaug lives on the lonely mountain.And killed lots of people. He stole all the thorens money and gold and a map.

Billbo He is fat,small,little magic. really small not really sneaky or a good burgaler . He is a hobbit and like to travel.


It is in a small little village and in and wizards and goblins and dwarfs and trolls and a big dragon

the ordinary world

when gandalif comes to the village

to the call to adventure

when ganlaf ask biblo to come with him.

to the refuse of the call

bilbo sasy he does not want to go.

meeting with the mentor

thorn asked bilbo to get his treusere back from smuag

cross the threshold

when he killed the spiders. where he stoped being a loser and did somthing.


frends are ganlaf dwarfs beron thoren enemys are smuag golum goblins

the approch

when he is going up the lonly mountain


when he is in the place with smuag.


he gets some of the treusere

the road back

going back to his village


it was a terrorable battle the 5 army battle.

return with the Elixir

thorin let bilbo have the ring.