By: Luke Nelson

Christianity Basics

Christianity is a religion and the followers of Christianity are called Christians. Some of Christianity's central beliefs are the Holy Trinity the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. Christianity's Sabbath day is Sunday when they go to Church. The Role Of Jesus Christ is to save us from our sins. One of Christianity's sacraments is baptism: the sacrament of baptism involves the use of water to mark an entry to a Church. Another is the Holy Communion: know as the Eucharist is central to Christian worship. Christians worship at Church's they have a cross on them to show Jesus' death for our sins. The worship leader for the Church is a priest, preacher, minister, and pastor who reads the bible. The holy book for Christians is the Bible it holds Jesus' word. One of two holidays for Christians is Christmas it is celebrated with gifts, stories and pageants retelling the story of Jesus being born in a stable surrounded by animals. The other holiday is called Easter the day Jesus resurrected and came back. Easter is celebrated with eggs to symbolize new life as well as crosses with flowers. Christianity's holy place is Jerusalem and the Church Holy sepulcher where Jesus was crucified, died, and a subsequent Resurrection.

View of God

Besides God a common religious figure is the god of Abraham. All three main religions are monotheistic meaning they only believe in one and only one god.