Shayla's Year

Summer 2k15 here I come

Big Successes I have had!

  • Got my first job at Pepperjax grill!
  • Got an "A" in math 2nd trimester!
  • Full ride scholarship for 2 years!

Things I have learned

  • Everyone is not your friend
  • I need to put school before a lot of things
  • How to manage time

Events of 2014-2015

  • Job shadow at Heartland family services
  • Volunteer (Silent auction event) and met ton of new friends Valentines night
  • Ice skating
  • Jack & Jack Concert
  • Visited Marina industries
  • Homecoming
  • Snoball
  • Worlds of fun
  • Made Money
  • SoMo concert (Made new friends)
  • New job

Things that could have went better & Goals for next year

  • Better attendance
  • Better friend choices
  • Better life and activity choices
  • focus on school more
  • Better grades

Summer Plans

Grassroots festival!

Still working at pepperJax

Being lazy!(:

Maybe work out

Make new friends


Adventure land