Principal News and Notes


ENVoY Small Group Session - Wednesday April 13



As I mentioned at our last staff meeting, Mr. Hall will be sending out the latest PBIS data this week. In the meantime, I want to draw your attention to a couple of the slides that will be shared. The pictures below highlight three years of Office Discipline Referral (ODR) data (click on the image to enlarge). As you can see from this data our school climate and culture, as measured by major and minor ODR's, is good! Climate has steadily improved with the implementation of PBIS at Garden City. While the PBIS Leadership Team helps facilitate the PBIS Action Plan it is everyday efforts of teachers, staff, and students that have led to these results!

Last Thursday, without prompting, one of our substitute teachers shared with me how much she enjoyed subbing at Garden City. She repeatedly mentioned that we have a positive and welcoming school. She went on to state that our students are great, respectful, and polite. Comments like this are often made to me by volunteers, visitors, and other subs that work at Garden City. A school's environment is not created by one person or a team. It is created by the collected efforts of all that work and support the shared vision of the school. At Garden City that shared vision shows up everyday through PBIS!

Attached to this email are strategies that have been shared throughout the school year. I have added some recent ideas shared by the ESP team at last weeks ESP Staff Meeting. Make sure you review the list; you may just find some new ideas that help us #FinishStrong!

Thanks for all you do each day to support our school climate and culture!


Reminder - Instructional Leadership Teams Feedback Planning 1617

Over the next two months the ILT will be looking at following 16-17 planning items:

School Wide Scheduling, Conference Schedule, Curriculum Night (Open House), Collaborative Time (new per contract), Advancement Via Individual Determination, Lunch/Recess Plan, and Guided Reading. If you have any insights in these areas please share them with your ILT lead.

I am saddened to report that Jill's dad has lost his battle with cancer. He passed this weekend. We will keep you posted with funeral information. The Sunshine Committee has been informed.