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So what is the Chaparral Biome

Chaparral is a noun and means vegetation consisting chiefly of tangled shrubs and thorny bushes. A chaparral biome is created when cool water from an ocean merges with landmass that is at a high temperature according to Bio expedition. It's characterized by forests and grasslands, it has hot summers, low precipitation and cool winters.

Interesting Stuff

  • It is the only biome found in every continent. Mostly in North America
  • Found where there is a Mediterranean climate such as California
  • It has other names such as temperate shrub-land, Mediterranean Scrubland, and sclerophyll forest
  • Its plants are highly flammable due its dry weather. However, most fires are caused by humans
  • Some people believe that fires are healthy for the biome
  • Receives about 10-17 inches a year
  • Most of the animals are nocturnal
  • It normally borders a dessert biome
  • Some common animals of the chaparral biome are coyotes, mule deer, pray mantis, and ladybugs..
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Biotic Factors


  • Jack Rabbit
  • Grey Fox
  • Mountain Lion
  • Spotted Skunk
  • Dessert fox
  • Coyotes
  • Cactus Wren


  • Yuca, Killer plants, protea, toyon, cacti, Manzanita
Chaparral Ecosystem

Abitotic Factors

  • Fires
  • Nutrient poor soil
  • Sunlight
  • Rocks
  • Hot and Dry summers
  • Mild Winter
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  • An example of a plant adaptation is vertical orientation of leaves and the ability to survive long periods of time without water.
  • The first animal adaptation would be their ability to survive without much water.
  • The second animal adaptation would be that their nocturnal and usually small.

Food Web and Food Chain

Importance of Biome

This biome is important because it provides protection from erosion, moderates local climates, and is the home to a wide range of different assorted animals.

Human Impacts on Biome

  • They have caused Forest fires
  • They have altered landscape
  • They have created water divisions
  • Although there are new efforts by the EPA and environmentalists to ensure the protection of this biome


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