November 17-25, 2014

Congratulations! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

Carole Carr- Teacher of the Year

Catherine Coleman- Teacher Assistant of the Year

Stephanie Houze- Instructional Coach of the Year

Arica Cox- National Board Certification

Tiffany Norman- National Board Certification


What a week for our teachers! Congratulations to Arica and Tiffany for receiving National Board Certification. Congratulations to Rick and

Congratulations to Carole Carr, Catherine Coleman and Stephanie Houze for representing our staff as Teacher of the Year, First Year Teacher of the Year and Teacher Assistant of the Year. We are so proud of you!

There is a staff meeting immediately afterschool today. We will divide into teams to work in various areas of our campus in preparation for our Magnet Visit on Tuesday and Leadership Day on Thursday. Please involve your students in helping get your room ready for Thursday. Please have all students clean out their desks. Please spruce up your classroom displays and make sure your students take time to update their data notebooks. Please take time to clean up your patios, flowerboxes and all areas outside.

We are so grateful to Christie Cleveland for agreeing to take over Sarah Hathaway’s class until the new teacher arrives on December 3. We are all rallying around this class to see them through. I appreciate Courtney Clark for her willingness to work with this class as well.

We have a number of parents who are trying to circumvent the afternoon dismissal procedures. Please do not dismiss students early. When the music plays it signals it is time for a class meeting. Please wait until announcements are made before you send students out of your class. If Ms. Ray calls for a child to be released at 3:00---do not release until 3:00. Please do not release students to their parents from your classroom. They must come to the office and sign their child out from the office.

Thank you so much for all your help in preparing for this week. Positive Attitudes, flexibility and WE CAN DO IT spirits will help us get through the opportunities of the week. As I prepare for this week I am reminded how many people are coming a long, long way to see is. We have the opportunity to impact hundreds of lives---directly and indirectly this week,

Please do not use the restroom in what is now Jan Valletta's teaching space. We know that this is an inconvenience but appreciate your understanding.

Special thanks to the Kindergarten Team for providing such an amazing learning experience for your students last week.

The LIving Wax Museum is back! Enjoy this special 5th grade event with your students on Friday, November 21. More details to come.

Kendra is out on Monday for training.

What's Cooking Day by Day

This Week! Hold on tight for a wild ride!

November 17:

  • Magnet Tour (9:30-10:30)
  • Staff Meeting
  • Kendra @ district training

November 18

  • MSA Pilot Visit- an all day event

November 19

  • Kelly @ district training
  • Ms. Summers' Friday Award Ceremony
  • Happy birthday, Debbie Powell!

November 20

  • Leadership Day

November 21

  • 5th Grade Wax Museum


November 24

  • No staff meeting
  • Imagine Learning Meeting
  • Muriel out for district meeting- 2:00-5:00
  • Dr. Shipman- UNC- visits Jason

November 25

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

We can all learn from one another--Video Aww---of the week!

Adorable Moment Dog Tries To Teach Baby How To Jump