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About LFS

Life and Family Services, a not-for-profit, 501c3, and the only organization in Noble County that addresses the needs of pregnant women and provides long-term support for them and their families. Our mission is: Promote Life, strengthen families, and offer hope through God’s love. This is accomplished through our Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center, Beds and Britches, Etc. (BABE) Program and Teen Parent Early Learning Center. Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center promotes healthy pregnancy and positive parenting through educational opportunities for parents and we build a healthy supportive relationship with them as they come on a weekly basis. Supportive relationships are fostered with staff and volunteers, allowing clients to learn coping skills and have a safe place to discuss pertinent issues. The BABE program is an incentive program for parents to earn necessities for their children as they access life-improving services from 29 health, wellness, prevention and educational advancement. The Teen Parent Early Learning Center offers accredited childcare to single high school and college-aged parents, allowing them to further their education and establish financial independence while preparing their children to be developmentally successful in school. They also build trusting supportive relationships with the staff through daily contact. Parents in turn receive guidance and help through the stresses of parenting and balancing parenting with working and going to school.

Porkburger Sale - Friday and Saturday

Our first fundraiser of the year is our Porkburger Sale. This will be taking place this week on Friday, April 24 at 9:00 a.m. and Saturday, April 25 at 10:00 a.m. in the Scott’s parking lot. Orders are be taken from businesses and delivery is available.

Volunteers are needed to assist with this two day event. Give us a call and come and join us for a few hours. With lots of help this large job becomes much smaller.

These fundraising events give us an opportunity to meet the needs of the pregnancy and parenting challenges in our community. It also is a great attribute when applying for grants. We have something to offer everyone in the community.

Call our office, 260-347-5720, to lend a helping hand and schedule a time to work or request an order form.


Saturday, May 2nd, 9am

201 S Park Ave

Kendallville, IN

· Volunteers needed for Spring clean-up on May 2nd. We will begin at 9 am.

· List of items needing attention: wash windows, planting flowers, clean the parking lot, cleaning gutters, edging walk, raking grass, mulch the landscaping, paint lines for parking spaces.

· Prayers needed! Please continue to pray for LFS and the clients we serve.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Staff Introductions

Currently we have eight people on staff.

Executive Director: Deanna Rodenbeck

Teen Parent Early Learning Center Director: Debbie Derby

Pregnancy Resource Center/BABE Director: Anita Pattison

Food Service Coordinator: Amy Carpenter

Preschool Teacher: Jordyn Budreau

Toddler Teachers: Courtney Renfrow and Kayla Perlich

Infant Teacher: Tami Miller

We also have several volunteers that assist us throughout the year and enjoy being part of our ministry.

Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center

Offering Hope

In the PPRC, we have the opportunity to get to know people who are struggling with an unintended pregnancy and feeling hopeless. Many of these precious women are victims of difficult circumstances. When their pain is unbearable, they are sometimes convinced to compound their wounds by the ending the tiny life growing inside. We are called to love these woman and their babies with a message of hope and accurate pregnancy options and education. We get to know them by hearing and understanding their pain in the context of sharing truth in love. It is a love that demands caring for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and requires standing by them for more than just a moment in time. Our volunteers are trained to mentor, love and care for these women. Their compassion is truly God at work.

Thank you Jeryl, Diana, Julie, Judy, and Debbie for all that you do. Your compassion is truly God at work.

Teen Parent Early Learning Center

All of us face challenges and some can be really unexpected. Support, encouragement, and hope become important during these times. Part of the Life and Family Services mission statement is to “offer hope through God’s love.” That is where the passion of the Teen Parent Early Learning Center lies—to offer hope that only God can provide along with encouragement and support to students who have educational goals and also find themselves in the role of a parent.

Completion of educational goals for the students in order to become financially independent is important to us. Also important is being given the opportunity to provide experiences to meet the development needs of children to create a foundation for success in their educational journey.

Beds and Britches Etc. - BABE

BABE is an incentive program that rewards parents for utilizing educational and medical services in Noble County. BABE partners with 29 providers throughout the county. Parents receive vouchers when accessing the programs and services provided. These programs and services have been designed to improve quality of life through prevention, therapy programs, and education. The BABE vouchers earned can then be spent in the BABE Store to purchase items needed in the care of their children to age 5. These items may include small supplies like diapers and clothing or larger items such as car seats or cribs. All items are earned by the client.

Donations of quality clothing and other items are currently being accepted.

Board of Directors

The 2015 LFS Board of Directors include :

President: Jennifer Blackman

Vice-President: Katie Mullins

Secretary: Kathy Stout

Treasurer: Delores Forbes

Members: Matt Stump, Michael Kramer, Kim Krebs, Rose Rickey, Jaren Shepherd, Jeff Wolheter, Ruth Guthrie, Chris Frazier

Teen On Board Member: Alexis Spencer

This amazing group of people meet bi-monthly and assist with the direction of LFS. They bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and abilities to share with our organization.

Please thank them for their service.

If you have a comment to share with them, please do so.

Future Events

Fundraising is essential for the financial well-being of Life and Family Services. The 2015 event schedule is as follows:

Porkburger Sale - April 24 and 25

Baby Bottle Campaign - May and June

Annual Dinner - September 11

Apple Dumplings - August through October - Apple Festival, October 3 & 4

Please consider lending a hand at the events. God is good and shares many giving hands to make these events a true blessing. Join us in the fun!

Client Story

David and Elizabeth have been coming to the center for over two years. During that time, they have made great changes in their lives. Growing up in homes with unhealthy relationships and conflict mad it difficult for them to communicate with each other as well as their children. Through attending the center's workshops, they've learned better communication and the importance of using your words to build a sense of emotional security in every member of the family. Learning about the development of children has helped them find creative ways to use everyday objects at home to help their young son learn all while having fun at play!

David has been attending the workshops we offer dads as well. After his very first dad's workshop, he was forever changed when he realized that to be the dad he wanted to be, he had to let go of the past and forgive his own father for abusing him throughout his childhood. As the result of that revelation, the couple are now involved in a local church, and David is learning to be free from the bitterness and pain of his past. Last year he planned and participated in a special adoption ceremony for Elizabeth's daughter Janelle, publicly vowing to love and raise her as his own. David and Elizabeth are making changes that will impact their family for generations.
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