Lowell Memo: Issue #8

October 20, 2017

Published by Lowell School & the Lowell PTA

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Make A Difference Week is October 23-27!

Let’s come together and gather food for our community friends at the People’s Resource Center!

  • Monday, October 23: Please bring food donations for the People’s Resource Center. Today we will have CRAZY hair because of the CRAZY amount of food we will donate.
  • Tuesday, October 24: Today we OPPOSE hunger by wearing outfits that don’t match and bringing in different food combinations.
  • Wednesday, October 25: Eating healthy is a SPORT! Dress in your favorite team jersey or favorite team colors and donate canned fruits and vegetables to support good nutrition at the People’s Resource Center.
  • Thursday, October 26: Today we celebrate having goals for ourselves and goals to help others. Today you will dress as your FUTURE SELF and set a GOAL to bring in 4 food items for the People’s Resource Center.
  • Friday, October 27: Today we will DREAM of a well-fed community by wearing cozy pj’s to school. Bring in non-perishable breakfast items to help stock the shelves.

We thank you for not double parking on Illinois or in the car line during arrival and dismissal to keep the children safe. We also thank all families for crossing Illinois Street at the corner. Safety for the children is our top priority!

Box Tops Deadline Approaching!

We’re nearing the first of our two Box Tops submission dates. Please send any Box Tops you have at home in with your child by Oct. 27. Send them in a baggie or envelope with your child's name and teacher's name.

We only receive credit for Box Tops that have not expired, so please send in any that you have now before they expire! Whether you have 5 or 50, we will take them! We receive $.10 for every Box Top and they add up quickly. Thank you!

Thanks to all those who completed a Box Tops collection sheet over the summer — don't forget to turn them in!

Important Halloween Reminders

Halloween Parades

Parade times are 9:30 a.m. for morning Kindergarten (indoors) & 2 p.m. for all other students (outdoors) on October 31. The afternoon parade will begin from Door 1 on Illinois, circle the perimeter of the field, and re-enter the building on Willow. Thank you for being sure the students have plenty of space to parade and keeping all pets at home. Thank you, too, to our many volunteers! We are looking forward to a safe, enjoyable day for the children!

Costume Reminders

We kindly ask that children and adult visitors and volunteers avoid scary or gory costumes. Likewise, accessories that are weapons will not be permitted. Please use discretion in sending other accessories, as we wouldn't want anything to be left behind! Masks that obstruct vision must be lifted for the parade. Adult visitors should keep their faces uncovered so they are easily identifiable.

Updates coming to the Hidden Garden

The Hidden Garden is being re-established during this school year and we need some volunteers to help this fall to get things ready. Details are below on the upcoming work days. Please contact Maureen Dawson-Hurst at m.dawsonhurst@gmail.com if you are available.

Day 1: (10/28)

Time: 9am-12pm

Family Friendly Work Day:

-remove weed and clean out undesirables. Maybe transplant or create paths.

-You can come for 1 hour or the whole time. Kids are welcome and adults are appreciated.

Day 2: (11/4)

Time 9:00am - 1:00pm

Install crushed limestone path:

-4 people available to shovel and wheelbarrow, 2 people for spreading limestone and tamping.

-9-11 shift (6 teenage/adult volunteers)

-11-1 shift (6 teenage/adult volunteers)

**Great opportunity for High Schoolers to earn any community service hours. We'd love to see some Lowell Alumni.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Student Excellence Foundation's STEM Expo on November 3rd at Hubble!

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Did you miss the Screenagers viewing in District 200?

Check out these resources:

PTA Reflections Entries Due October 30

Entry forms were sent home for this year's PTA Reflections contest. Please view the video below to learn about different types of entries.

Questions? Contact Lisa Johnson at johnsonl1107@gmail.com. We can't wait to see what our kids create!

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Lowell Traffic Patterns & Pets

New to Lowell or need a refresher on the traffic patterns? Click here for a map and reminders. As a reminder, all vehicle traffic will be on Willow Street. Children who walk to school may enter on President Street, through the main entrance on Illinois Street or the Sun Porch entrance off of the field on the west side of the school.

We also ask that you not bring pets on school property before school, after school or to events during the school day. While many of us have loving pets that are truly family members, we do have students and adults with fears and allergies. Likewise, we have also witnessed calm family pets react unpredictably when startled, even with other pets or people they know. We thank you for your understanding of this.

Thank you for helping us in our top priority of keeping your children safe!

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Thank you for helping tell our story! Check out our newest posts, including staff appreciation from a Lowell mom!

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