Halts Peril

By: John Flanagan

Read Halts Peril by: John Flanagan

I am reading Halts Peril by John Flanagan. In this story the characters Will, Halt, and Horace are faced with the task of saving Halts life. When on a mission to capture Tennyson(a man that tried to take over Clonmel) in a remote land far from their home land. Halt is injured by a poisoned crossbow bolt from one of Tennyson's friends. Will a smart, and agile man, races against time to save his friend and mentor. He goes to find and old friend that might be able to help, his name is Malcolm. Will brings him back and saves Halt, just in time to get back on the road and track down Tennyson.In the end, they finish off Tennyson and his gang, and make it home safely.

The Theme

I think the theme is to never give up, because Will, and Horace have to believe that Halt will make it and not die. Also because Tennyson has many friends and they are in the way if they want to capture him.


Thoughts or words

Wills thoughts:Determind- "You forgot"?Wills voice rose to a shout as he shook the genovesan. Will was determined to get the infomation out of the genovesan.

Sarcastic-Will said"because Kicker is there and it's hard to ignore him.
He is sarcastic because Horace is trying to disappear in the bushes and will is getting annoyed of it so he replies sarcastically.

Wills traits: Strong-Will pulled back the heavy long bow and sent an arrow flying.
Will is strong because he can pull back a bow that takes weeks to learn to pull back fully.

Light-He slipped silently out onto the path.
He is very light on his feet which makes him silent.

Point of view

Who is telling the story

I think my story is told in First Person, because the story is being told from the characters point of view on the story.

Ex:(Halt thinking to himself)Wills mind moved more quickly, and he was inclined to see the unconventional alternative faster than Gilan.

Ex:(Horace talking to will) "Can you see me now," Horace asked?

Ex;(Will replying)Will said"Yes,because Kicker is there and it's hard to ignore him."


"You'll have to get rid of them," said Tennyson.

"Get rid of them," Matisi's asked surprised.

It gives you a clue that something bad is going to happen.

"Halt! Halt! Halt! Wake up,"will screamed.

It makes me feel like something is wrong with Halt.


Metaphor-To Wills eye,used to the soft green tones in the forests around castle Redmount and Seacliff was uncleanly sad and desolate.

Personification-The wind sighed through the dead branches and trunks, whispering a forlorn sound that was only just audible.

Imagery-The large black burn mark on his face, stretching from just below his left eye to the jawline.


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