Jancy Farmer's 5th Grade Class

A Classroom of Leaders!

Jancy Farmer is a fifth grade teacher in Utah. She has been teaching for 16 years, which is about as long as I have been teaching, so there was a bit of a natural connection right off the bat in my exploration of various bloggers. What initially drew me to her blog site was the phrase "teaching fractions," as this is a hot mathematical topic in both the fifth and sixth grades, and is something I am always looking to improve upon.

Jancy has used Singapore mathematics over the course of the past 8 years. This program for teaching mathematics has been met with great reviews in many educational circles, and is something I am interested in learning more of as I continue to grow and develop as a math teacher.

She clearly uses her blog site as a communication tool for current students and parents, along with other educators in a similar situation as her. The site includes daily announcements, general schedules and procedures, a sign-up sheet for requesting a conference, numerous links to various math and other websites to help direct her students when necessary, and examples of students' work/projects (including pictures of various students) that have been completed within her classroom.