MOPS at Athens Wesleyan Church

March 2015

Today: The Courage to Forgive and Be Forgiven

Hear Justin and Tricia Davis' story of reconciliation and forgiveness after marital infidelity. Be inspired by how they stepped out of safety into vulnerability, grief and risk to heal their deepest wounds.

Upcoming meetings:
April 2 -- Easter meeting
April 16 -- SWAP Day (bring household items, clothes, etc. you're getting rid of. One woman's trash.... )
May 7 -- MaryTheresa Jurnack comes to share with us
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Celebrating Brave Women:

Happy Birthday: Sarah Bluhm ** March 9

Happy Anniversary: Cassandra Thomas ** March 17

"Ma" Julia Brown ** March 19

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Physical activity is this week's theme for BOZ Treehouse Time! An appropriate topic for young children who are always on the go. Children will jump for joy after hearing the Easter message that “Jesus is with us.” Talking with your child about the importance of exercise would be a good way to reinforce this week's lesson; moving with your child would be even better (and more fun!).

This month, the MOPPETS are celebrating Spring! Today they'll be making clouds and rainbows.

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Ladies, this year we are moving Spa day to the evening, knowing that our vendors are more available at that time. The MOMS Next group will be joining us as well. We plan to have massages, eyebrow waxing, hand-dipping wax, etc. Jamberry Nails, and MaryKay will also be there. Make time in your schedule to come out and be pampered.

Bring something yummy to dip in the chocolate fountain (marshmallows, fruit, pound cake, pretzels, etc.)

April 9th (Thursday) from 6:30 till 8:30pm at the Athens Wesleyan Church.

Very limited babysitting is being offered, on a first-come-first-served basis. Please sign up with Susan asap.

Your MOPS 2014-15 Leaders

Victoria Crain 207-542-4974
Susan Entingh 607-565-4254