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About the Author

Marie Lu was born in Beijing in 1984. She moved to the states in 1989. She went to college in Southern California. After college she was a art director for a video game company. She now is a full time writer. She started writing when she was 6 years old, that is when she wrote her first "book" that was 10 pages long. She wrote her first novel when she was only 10 years old. She enjoys writing and art.


June is a main character who is a 15-year-old girl. She has been raised in a elite military circle. She is the best student in her military school and is being raised for success in the republic's highest military circles.


On the other hand there is Day. Day is a 15-year-old boy that was born in the slums. He is the countries most wanted criminal. He isn't the standard burglar or normal "bad guy" he steals antibiotics for his family so they don't die from the plague, like everyone else.


The United States is split in half between the republic and the colonies. The republic is fighting the colonies and to control the population they release the plague. They republic is after Day because a steals supplies to live off of such as antibiotics, food, and clothes.


This is a futuristic thriller. In the year 2130 the United States splits into two. A burglar, Day verses a military fanatic, June.

Short Passage

"Behind me I hear he laboratory door burst open and soldiers spill out. Bullets spark all around me. I swing toward the window and let go of the knife buried in the wall. The window shatters, and I'm suddenly out in the night again and falling, falling, falling like a star to the first floor...""...Knees bent. Feet first. Relax muscles. Hit with balls of feet. Roll. The ground rushes up at me. I brace my self.

This passage shows how this book is so action packed.

Who would enjoy this?

Any person who likes an awesome action book, this is the one. It is a book that can be read by a girl or guy. Even though there is a lot of action there is still some romance. It is a compelling book that makes you want to keep reading more.

I liked this book

I liked this book because it was an action book. I especially liked Day because he was a rebel for the right reasons. He did not stop doing what he felt like was right even though the Republic tried to stop him.


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Legend by Marie Lu- Book Trailer