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Message From Principal Appiah-McNulty:

Welcome to the month of February!

We have come a long way this school year and as I shared with my school team, this year has actually gone a lot faster than anticipated. We are preparing to finish make-up NWEA testing and also completing a few other assessments such as ELPA & DLM for a small population of our students. Our time is limited and yes the pandemic still exists, but what I am most proud of in reference to our team is the continued dedication, commitment and professionalism.

These last couple of months are going to be very critical and our acts must be guided by the Audacity of Hope. The Audacity of Hope is a quote taken from our former President Barack Obama (inspired by Jeremiah Wright’s Sermon- The Audacity to Hope) referencing the power of hope even under overwhelming conditions. I used this phrase because at this time, we could use the pandemic as a reason for student failure or we can continue as a school community to re-engage our students and aim for success. We need to have the Audacity of Hope and help our students progress and meet local and state standards. However, hope is only nourished through the actions we put forth as teachers and guardians on the day to day basis with our students.

So, while I spoke about the need to support students not progressing well during this time, I must also recognize that in the 1st quarter we had 174 students make the honor roll, during this second quarter, we had 190 students make the honor roll. We need and want the numbers to continue growing as we know that our students are capable. Some of the conversations we have had with students and families stems around a lack of drive and motivation to complete class work, families having difficult schedules preventing them from monitoring student work progress, technology issues, Covid-19, mental illness, and anxiety. These are all valid reasons, but if we work together as a school community (partnership with our families), we can get there.

Lately, we have noted that some families have not received communication from the school due to blocking that feature on the School Status System, not having correct phone number in the system to call about supporting students (email the registrar to make changes and update: sharrison9258@pcssd.org ), or not reading the monthly communication that comes out to keep our families informed. Communication is essential and we can only make the desired progress if we all unite and work as partners in our students' education. Parent Teacher Conferences will be coming on February 17, 2021, sign up if your child is not doing well and needs support. Additionally, Credit Recovery is being offered for middle school students and the deadline for signing up is February 7, 2021.

February is Black History Month and we look forward to celebrating it as a school community. I have often shared that the beauty and strength of Robinson Middle School is the amazing diversity we have in student demographics and culture. At Robinson Middle School we embrace all students and our hope centers around building a diverse and robust Senator Nation!

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Working Hard- Celebration!

RMS Families,

To celebrate growth on Winter NWEA MAP tests, RMS Super Goal Tailgate will be held Friday, February 5, 2020 beginning at 12:30 pm. Each grade level will have a tailgate event in the parking lot and other locations where there is abundant space to maintain social distancing and adhere to CDC guidelines. Each grade level will also participate in special advisory activities. RMS Super Goal Tailgate is free to all students. However, students need to bring money for the concession stand, photo booth, and other special tailgate activities. Additionally, we will be reaching about opening the School PBIS Store on a Special Day for only virtual students. We will send out a google form for families to sign up if they would like to participate. It is important to us to open these opportunities for all students. Thank you. For more information, contact Mr. Fairley, the school test coordinator, at afairley6607@pcssd.org.

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RMS Counseling/ Guidance Office

Registration for the 2021-2022 year is fast approaching.

Registration this year will be paperless. We are super excited about the process for our incoming 6th - 8th graders.

Mrs. Coats and Miss Mixon are in preparation for a smooth transition with going forward with registration. Each student has been invited to a Schoology Class specifically for registration. All notices about deadlines will be shared in this page and through Thrillshare.

Registration is set to begin on Monday, February 8, 2021. Registration will end on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

We will be meeting with students through Social Studies classes and Google Meets with our feeder schools.

If you have any questions or concerns please email:

jcoats9243@pcssd.org or amixon8469@pcssd.org. You can also call our office.

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RMS Office Team Update

Front office:

1. Attendance is critical for student success, please ensure that students are logging on virtually daily or attending school daily. If there are concerns with doctor's appointments, let the school office know and ensure there is communication with the classroom teachers.

2. Students should plan on bringing water bottles as we have water dispensers.

3. Parents please make note of testing days and times. We need to keep check in and check outs to a minimum during these times so not to cause disturbances to students testing.

4. If your student is missing an item please remind them to check the lost and found box outside of the office.

Have a great week!

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