Mysterious Powder

Lab Report

Our Tests

First test was Iodine to see if it contained starch it was positive. Next we did Alcohol to see if it would fizz. It didn't do much the powder went to the bottom it didn't fizz. Next we did pH to see what pH it was. It was tough to tell but we decided it was an eight. Finally we tested the Physical properties what it felt like it felt grainy as well as squares and circles.

Test Photo

The first photo is the Iodine. the next photo we have pH. After that we have alcohol. Finally we have Physical Properties.
Big image


We think it is green because it was the only one with a positive starch test. We also think it is purple and yellow because it felt square and round.We think it came from the bakery.

Learning Message

I learned how to use the pH scale. I also learned that you can use iodine as an indicator.