southeastern native americans

By christopher smith

the native Americans than reside in the southeastern are one of the most violent and dangerous native Americans in Texas. They had various weapons including tomahawks to bows and arrows.

more info includes the specific tribes in the southeast are: apache, Comanche, and Kiowa's

there main food source came from buffalo. their usual clothing came from buffalo skins and deer hides. More on the government of the tribes each tribe had only one chief. the tribes usually resided in the great plains and lived in grass tipis.

Fun Facts

the atakapans and karankawas are still alive in Texas today

there are two main groups of Caddo in Texas


many things are known about the southeastern tribes of Texas and I am here to revise those known things. the main housing with the southeastern Indians were mostly grass tipis and there positioning is in the great final entry is about their government. The southeastern Indians usually had one tribe leader per tribe